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Through July 31st, Wayward Chickadee will donate 25% of your purchase to the The Ryan Home Project in North Berwick. Click on the link below to begin shopping in support of The Ryan Home Project:

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About The Ryan Home Project

No teen should suffer the challenges of homelessness.  The Ryan Home Project recognizes the harmful reality that many of Noble’s middle and high school age youth do not have homes to return to each day and that their  fates are inextricably woven into the fates of our communities. In order to support both these vulnerable young people and the overall health of our communities, the  Ryan Home Project is committed to ensuring that every young person in North Berwick, Berwick and Lebanon have the security of a stable home from which they can work to develop the foundational habits, skills and knowledge that they will need for the next phases of their lives.     

Yes, I want to support The Ryan Home Project! 
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