About Us

It all starts with our move to Maine, a beautiful place nestled between the mountains and the ocean, near forests and lakes. This wondrous environment inspired us to create our own totally natural products in 2018, that respects the nature we live in and provides an alternative to mass-produced, chemically-filled products with the best that nature has to offer.  

But what do we call it? Wayward Chickadee! Get to know us and the name makes sense. Before settling in Maine we lived and traveled all over the world and Wayward just sort of fit – a little adventurous, off the beaten path. The Chickadee, emblematic of our adopted State of Maine, ready to fly.

Little by little, we are expanding our selection by researching and formulating products that have one thing in common: simplicity. We skipped using synthetic fragrances, palm oil, chemical preservatives or paraffin for our candles and all of our packaging is eco friendly, plastic free! 

Today we are two and a half in our small business: Sébastien who draws on his experience from leading a Swiss skincare company to create products; Jim who keeps the online store running and handles design and packaging; and little Abigaël who motivates us to return to a more simple, healthier time.

We hope you enjoy our products, and some of the recipes that your great-grandparents swore by. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more, or head over to our online store or one of the shops that carry Wayward Chickadee!

~ Sébastien, Abigaël & Jim ~