Lip balm

Why do our lips dry out so easily?

It’s no secret that taking care of your lips throughout the year is indispensable, especially during the winter to avoid chapping and cracking. The skin on your lips is five times thinner than the rest of the body, making them particularly fragile and susceptible to the elements. They don’t have sebaceous or sweat glands to protect and moisturize themselves naturally, so they tend to dry out quickly.

Some of the most common dangers to your lips are the cold, the wind, and the sun which all dry out the skin leaving them fragile. Pollution is another problem as it can break down the skin’s natural barrier. Also, diet and hydration directly influence the skin. Drink lots of water and consume foods that are rich in water and vitamins to rehydrate the skin. Finally, licking your lips also dries them out! Many people think this helps keep them moist but it’s actually the exact opposite. When the saliva evaporates, it leaves your lips dryer than they were before.

How do I take care of my lips?

First, prevention is best! Don’t wait until you have chapped, damaged lips. Taking care of your lips is a daily affair. Always have lip balm around and use it regularly and as often as possible. Keep it in your bag, in your glovebox, or in a drawer at the office.

There are a ton of lip balms on the market, but they’re not all created equal. Go for lip balms that are all natural, free of parabens and paraffin. Don’t forget, you ingest nearly half of the lip balm that you apply to your lips!

A good lip balm doesn’t need to have an interminable list of ingredients – 4 or 5 quality elements are enough. Ideally it should contain natural fats and occlusive and healing agents. 

Our Lip Balms are 100% natural

All of our lip balms are 100% natural and handmade from a base of beeswax, cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E.

None of our lip balms contain Parabens, petroleum products, palm oil, or synthetic preservatives. Our lip balms are gluten free.

No plastic tubes!

For our lip balm tubes, we've done away with plastic in favor of eco-friendly, rigid paperboard that is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable! The Interior of the tube is wax-coated paper and is of comparable size to most standard plastic tubes.  It's easy to use, instead of twisting the tube, just push it up like a push pop!  

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