Our Values


We believe everyone should know exactly what they are consuming. It’s easy to hide behind complicated ingredients names that are indecipherable, unless of course you’re a chemist! Our all-natural products are made from simple ingredients, so it is easy to understand what’s in them. While we are obliged to list the ingredients on our packaging following certain rules, we provide a clear translation on our ingredients page.

All our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced in the USA - the more local the better - whenever possible. We don’t use synthetics of any kind and only employ natural preservatives in order to offer you natural, high quality products for you and your family.

Handmade in Maine

We make everything in Maine, by hand, and in small batches pretty much every day. Well, except for things like our pine soap dishes – which are handcrafted by another artisan, but that’s because our woodworking skills aren’t up to par! We also take care of our own packaging, labels, and shipping. Needless to say our local post office knows us well 😊

The Environment

All natural products wouldn’t make any sense if we didn’t think about the environment. We do our best to find environmentally friendly packaging, eliminate unnecessary plastic, and use recyclable or reusable material. For our lip balm tubes, for example, we use biodegradable paperboard tubes. All our shipping material is recyclable, down to the paper tape used to seal up your box. We are continually looking for ways to improve our eco-friendly approach, so we can leave a healthier planet for not only our Abigaël, but for your kids too!
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