Better For You, Better For The Environment

In addition to creating products using all natural ingredients, another goal is to reduce the impact on the environment. We do this by eliminating single use plastics, using materials that are recycled and/or recyclable, reducing our carbon footprint, among other actions. We are constantly evolving our approach as we find new ways to innovate.   

Always Plastic Free

From our product packaging right through to our shipping supplies, we've eliminated single-use plastics. Whether it be our boxes, tubes, or tins, everything you receive from us can be reused or recycled.

Eco-friendly Boxes and Labels 

Made in the USA, our boxes and labels are manufactured with a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled materials. The other 50% comes from traceable, sustainably-sourced pulp. For every tree felled, four seedlings are being planted. Our supplier uses 89% of fossil-free energy and 99% of water use is carefully cleaned and returned to nature. They use the latest technology of clean printing presses and non-polluting inks and all of the waste material is recycled.  

Carbon-neutral shipping

We ship in 100% recycled boxes, sealed with recyclable paper tape. Our packing materials are also 100% recycled. Every shipment is also completely carbon-neutral.  Once you've opened your package, just pop it in the recycling bin! 

Our Workshop

Making cold-processed soap and other self-care products require a temperature controlled environment and specific humidity levels. Our "soap house" is fitted with an energy-efficient heat pump system to maintain constant temperatures, nestled among the trees to reduce outdoor temperature fluctuations. The space is just large enough for production and small enough to remain energy efficient. 

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